Ren Ivy

Digital & Traditional Artist, Minecraft Skin Designer, Author


Ren, He/They.

I make stuff, sometimes as a hobby, but mostly as a job.

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Work & Work information

What I sell is listed here, anything not listed can't be bought.

  • Minecraft Skins

Currently, you can only buy Minecraft skins, as seen above. However, there's more to it than what meets the eye. The item has guidelines that must be followed, you can find them by clicking the 'Minecraft Skins' embed below.

More items are coming soon!

Minecraft Skins

You can find examples of my skins on my PMC page. If you want more, however, or specific styles/genres of skin, ask me directly.


Discord: Prince Ren#3235
(Please friend me and/or send me a direct message on Discord).

Planet Minecraft: PrinceRen (see here)